Yes, you’re ready to build a blog or a business website. And to start the journey, you’re going to find the best reliable VPS hosting service for it.

Maybe you already known some providers like Linode, Vultr, Digital Ocean... And that's great, because they are reliable providers. But what if your want more, like...cheaper but reliable too?

As I’ve used BandwagonHost for the past 4 years. It's absolutely amazing platform with almost none downtime, high performance hardware and premium network. I have no complaints about their service. So I'd like to recommend BandwagonHost as Linode, Vultr, Digital Ocean alternative to you.

Introducing BandwagonHost


BandwagonHost is a sub-brand launched by Canadian Company IT7 Networks in 2012. IT7 has been focusing on web hosting services since its establishment in 2004.

There are high-end VPS brands VPSBlast and XVMLabs (has been discontinued), and NodeWatch is also a service of IT7 Networks.

Now BandwagonHost only offers KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) plan and all their VPS service is running on KiwiVM, a secure control panel developed in-house. It allows to perform all basic management tasks: start/stop, OS reload, Emergency console, rDNS (PTR) record management, datacenter migration, snapshots, usage statistics, API etc.

For affordable prices (starting at $49.99/yr), you can get a 2Core/1GB/20GB high performance VPS. And you can migrate it in up to 12 different global datacenters free without limit (only costs bandwith equal to your disk space).

And more importantly, all VPS hosting plans include Free Snapshots(2 sticky for all time and others stored for 30 days) and Automatic Backups.

Selected plans


BandwagonHost service is self-managed, this allows them to keep the price down. It also means they do not provide much support for anything not related to the uptime and hardware problem.

All plans come with Intel E5 Xeon processors, Raid 10 SSD, full root access and 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

There are some selected plans as follows (Check all plans here), you can try the latest BandwagonHost Coupon & Promo Code for 6.58% recurring discount: BWH3HYATVBJW

CPURAMSSDTransferLink SpeedPriceOrder Link
2Cores1GB20GB1TB1 Gb/s$49.99/yrOrder
3Cores2GB40GB2TB1 Gb/s$99.99/yrOrder
4Cores4GB80GB3TB1 Gb/s$19.99/moOrder
5Cores8GB160GB4TB1 Gb/s$39.99/moOrder
6Cores16GB320GB4TB1 Gb/s$79.99/moOrder

At the purchasing page, you can choose one of the follow datacenters:

  • US - Los Angeles DC2 QNET (USCA_2)
  • US - Fremont (USCA_FMT)
  • US - Los Angeles DC4 MCOM (USCA_4)
  • US - New Jersey (USNJ)
  • NL - Amsterdam (EUNL_3)

Notice: Don't use any proxy service while purchasing and that will cause your order be fraud and cancelled.

If you are in China or you have many Chinese customers. I recommend to choose a LOS ANGELES - CN2 GIA ECOMMERCE or HONG KONG CN2 GIA plan. ChinaNet CN2 GIA (AS4809) route is the best connectivity to/from China. And with these plans you can unlock all 12 datacenters to migrate on KiwiVM control panel.



CPURAMSSDTransferLink SpeedPriceOrder Link
2Cores1GB40GB1TB2.5 Gb/s$49.99/qrOrder
3Cores2GB40GB2TB2.5 Gb/s$89.99/qrOrder
4Cores4GB80GB3TB2.5 Gb/s$56.99/moOrder
6Cores8GB160GB5TB5 Gb/s$86.99/moOrder
10Cores32GB640GB10TB10 Gb/s$289.99/moOrder


CPURAMSSDTransferLink SpeedPriceOrder Link
2Cores2GB40GB500GB1 Gb/s$89.99/moOrder
4Cores4GB80GB1TB1 Gb/s$155.99/moOrder
6Cores8GB160GB2TB1 Gb/s$299.99/moOrder


Without question, BandwagonHost is an excellent hosting option for clients. Who doesn’t want an inexpensive, more reliable, and secure VPS hosting for websites or business? Just try BandwagonHost and you'll like it.